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dal 2020

Missing good bread in the Netherlands where I do live as an expat. It started as fun and now we are talking proper obsession. Trying to turn all pastries possible into sourdough version and hope to start my volunteering at a local bakery in Zaandam soon!


Kvasimodo is very stable baking partner, compared to his wheat sister Esmeralda, he is very strong and keeps producing very standard delicious loaves. In my country majority of breads is made with rye starter so Kvasimodo reminds me of home

Sapore e aroma

Kvasimodo top shot
Kvasimodo jar shot
Kvasimodo front shot
Kvasimodo rising shot


Ingredienti di partenza

  • 50% Rye whole flour
  • 50% Water

Ingredienti per il rinfresco

  • 50% Rye whole
  • 50% Water
I remove the “fed” part and keep only little amount to manage the sourness and feed my starte usually 1:5:5 or 1:6:6 depending on the sourness
50% Rye whole 50% Water

Metodo di lavorazione

I use whole rye flour for my basic starter Kvasimodo (Quasimodo if you want as Kvas is sourdough in my language). I feed my starter several times a week based on how many times I do bake
50% Rye whole flour 50% Water



I am using very good recipe by nutritionist from Czechia
Kvasimodo Pancakes first overview
Kvasimodo Pancakes second overview
Kvasimodo Pancakes first slice
Kvasimodo Pancakes second slice

Bread - Classic

This bread is made with 200g starter, 430g flour and 280 water, 12g salt!
Kvasimodo Bread - Classic  first overview
Kvasimodo Bread - Classic  second overview
Kvasimodo Bread - Classic  first slice

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