Collecting a sourdough sample

When a sourdough is accepted to be part of the collection of the Sourdough Library, it needs to be collected. Follow me on this trip to pick-up #91 from Vanessa Kimbell in the UK.

It all starts with registering your sourdough on this website.

When we decide to add a sourdough to the library. It has to be registered on our "quest for sourdough" website. Once that is done your sourdough is already part of the online collection. That's already something! You can now get inspired by others, check their pictures of breads they make, how does their starter looks? Is it more active then yours? and so much more. Just look around by tapping on the dots of the world map to see the details. The starter of the sourdough school in the UK made it to the collection. I took my car, my collecting box and on the road I went. Check it out in the following movie.