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Sinchu Omar Starter

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Depuis 2018

For fun and to capture the unique microbial environment of Sinchu Omar, Nianija District, Central River Region North, The Gambia.


This sourdough is resilient, coming back with force even after periods where it is not fed. It has a strong sour aroma and will go from a thick batter to a viscous, soupy liquid 24 hours after feeding. It produces a sourdough with a strong flavor, thick crust, and a tight crumb. Its feedings of white four and water are not precisely measured, but instead based on feel.

Goût et saveur

Sinchu Omar Starter top shot
Sinchu Omar Starter jar shot
Sinchu Omar Starter front shot
Sinchu Omar Starter rising shot


Ingrédients de base

  • 60% White flour
  • 40% Water
  • _none Mixing
  • _none Sitting

Ingrédients pour nourrir le levain

  • _none Reducing
  • 20% Starter
  • 45% White flour
  • 35% Water
  • _none Mixing
Pour out starter into a cup. Then reduce to 15-25% of the original weight/volume (sometimes have to guesstimate).
_none Reducing
Return starter back to original storage container.
20% Starter
Add flour, roughly one cup or so, to the starter.
45% White flour
Add water, maybe 1/4 to 1/3 cup, or enough to create a thick, batter-like consistency. Start by adding a smaller amount of water and then slowly add more if you need to increase hydration.
35% Water
Mix with spoon until a thick, batter-like consistency. Cover and store.
_none Mixing

Méthode de travail

Add roughly 1 cup of white flour, or just any amount and adjust the amount of water.
60% White flour
Add pump/tap water until flour is hydrated. The water should be a bit less than the flour by weight and create a thick batter-like consistency.
40% Water
Mix using hand/fingers (clean!) or a spoon to mix the water and flour until mostly smooth to a thick batter-like consistency.
_none Mixing
Allow to sit, covered, for 24 to 48 hours until fermentation begins, the starter begins to smell sour, and it begins to foam. Then begin regular (daily) feeding.
_none Sitting


Sourdough Boule

A traditional boule based on Tartine's recipe, baked in a wood-fire, brick oven.
Sinchu Omar Starter Sourdough Boule first overview
Sinchu Omar Starter Sourdough Boule second overview
Sinchu Omar Starter Sourdough Boule first slice
Sinchu Omar Starter Sourdough Boule second slice

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Still going strong more than a year later--and now in the U.S.