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С 2019

I like bread in general, and particularly the texture and taste of sourdough bread. Since discovering how much healthier I am eating long fermentation sourdough bread (and other products) I've become passionate about it. I'm 69 years old, I lost 40 lbs three years ago and am in exceptionally good physical condition. Sourdough bread (and other products) make up 65% of my diet for past 3 years.


Starter (Sevena) rises prolifically at cold temperatures. I've been nurturing this starter for over 3 years. After mixing, I bulk ferment for 40 hours in the refrigerator at 40-50 F. I manage the temp so that I get 3 rises of doubling in size. For the fourth and final rise, I put dough in Dutch ovens at room temp and it triples in size, filling the entire Dutch oven. Awesome results.

Вкус и аромат


Ингредиенты для стартера

  • % Starter

Ингредиенты для обновления

  • 20% Starter
  • 38% Water
  • 42% Flour
Starter removed from refer, and measure quantity by weight. Starter is 47.5% Water and 42.5% Flour. All ingredients are measured by weight. When starter is renewed or fed it is 20% starter, 38% Water, 42% flour. Flour is plain white flour (wheat). Room Temp is 68-75 degrees F, depending on time of year.
20% Starter
Water is tap water, raised to room temp (68-75 F). Measure water by weight. Add water to starter and mix to even texture.
38% Water
Add Flour, measured by weight, plain white flour (wheat), room temp (68-75F), mix together.
42% Flour
Leave at room temp (68-75F), in plastic covered container having straight vertical sides, 4-5 hours, until it has peaked (no longer rising). On this first rise, it nearly triples in volume (it increases nearly 200%). At the end of this rise, stir the starter back down. The volume will be decreased to a little higher than when the first rise began.
Leave in same container, same temperature 2-3 hours until volume has peaked (no longer rising). On this second rise, it will more than triple in volume (it increases over 200%)

Метод работы

I bake about once a week. Starter kept in refer at 40 deg. Fed weekly. I would prefer to feed daily, but I don't use it enough. Sometimes I do two feed cycles. When I use starter, I remove from refer, feed and ferment for 8 hours at room temp (68-75 F) and then I use the starter for baking. I will describe this 8 hour, starter preparation process below. I use regular white flour (wheat).
% Starter


Grandpa-Glenn Genuine Sourdough Bread

Pizza, Pancakes, Pasta. I use it in place of flour wherever possible. Fruit Cobbler, Apple Crisp, bechamel sauce, roux

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