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С 2015

My husband and I decided that we wanted to eat REAL bread and leavened food, the ones that you can smell from far away, the kind of bread that our ancestors used to bake, the kind of bread that sings when you take it out of the oven and that you can store for weeks. It began at home, for our family, it turned into a life passion and it is becoming my job.


My sourdough is 3 years old and since I created it I use to grow plants on my balcony, especially lemons, geranium and aromatic plants. From spring to autumn I use to feed Ambarabà with open doors and windows so it grew with rosemary, basil, flower and fruity aromas and still today you can feel them when you taste it.

Вкус и аромат

Ambarabà top shot
Ambarabà jar shot
Ambarabà front shot
Ambarabà rising shot


Ингредиенты для стартера

  • 100g Flour
  • 75% Water

Ингредиенты для обновления

  • 100g Starter
  • 75% Water
  • 100g Wheat flour
I take some of my sleeping starter, I add water and stir until it melts, then I add flour and mix until the dough is smooth. I let it ferment until it doubles its volume at 27°C.
100g Starter 75% Water 100g Wheat flour

Метод работы

Ambarabà was born 3 years ago, from water and wheat flour. The hydration I chose to keep is 75% so it isn't solid nor completely liquid. After his birth I mixed it with a Neapolitan starter and one from San Francisco, both fed with white wheat flour.
100g Flour 75% Water



White bread, whole wheat bread, bread rolls, baguettes, some with high hydration, others with 60% of water.
Ambarabà Bread first overview
Ambarabà Bread second overview
Ambarabà Bread first slice
Ambarabà Bread second slice


Sourdough panettone following the italian traditional recipe and the very long fermentation and leavening.
Ambarabà Panettone first overview
Ambarabà Panettone second overview
Ambarabà Panettone first slice


A sweet way to start your morning: a soft hug of a sourdough brioche, perfect with chocolate, jam, nuts, honey or raisin
Ambarabà Brioche first overview
Ambarabà Brioche second overview
Ambarabà Brioche first slice
Ambarabà Brioche second slice


A long fermentation and high hydration together with the sourdough make this product soft and delicious
Ambarabà Focaccia first overview
Ambarabà Focaccia second overview
Ambarabà Focaccia first slice
Ambarabà Focaccia second slice


Sourdough with 90% hydration, 24 hours leavening and fermenting, seasoned with tomato and oregano.
Ambarabà Pizza  first overview
Ambarabà Pizza  second overview
Ambarabà Pizza  first slice
Ambarabà Pizza  second slice


It's a traditional Italian Easter dessert prepared with a double knead and enriched with eggs, butter and sugar.
Ambarabà Colomba  first overview
Ambarabà Colomba  second overview
Ambarabà Colomba  first slice
Ambarabà Colomba  second slice

Casatiello Napoletano

It's a traditional Easter dish from Napoli, the dough is enriched with pepper, cheese, salami, ham and eggs.
Ambarabà Casatiello Napoletano first overview
Ambarabà Casatiello Napoletano second overview
Ambarabà Casatiello Napoletano first slice
Ambarabà Casatiello Napoletano second slice

Fried Pizza

The traditional pizza fritta from Napoli filled with ricotta, pork meat, provola,pepper and basil and deep fried.
Ambarabà Fried Pizza first overview
Ambarabà Fried Pizza second overview
Ambarabà Fried Pizza first slice
Ambarabà Fried Pizza second slice

French croissant

Sourdough layered with french butter and filled with all the sweetness you can imagine.
Ambarabà French croissant first overview
Ambarabà French croissant second overview
Ambarabà French croissant first slice
Ambarabà French croissant second slice

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