Arizona Desert recipe

Arizona Desert

Mesa, Vereinigte Staaten


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Arizona Desert

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seit 2016

I have been baking bread for almost 60 years, and sourdough, off and on, for about 40 years. Since I love to cook and bake, it was just one more thing to try.

Charakteristische Eigenschaften

It bakes up well, good oven spring. Very mild flavor. Since it is kept at two different hydrations, it is used in different recipes. It was started as an experiment, since I already had other starters. But I have been very happy with it, and intend to maintain it indefinitely.

Geschmack und Aroma


Zutaten für den Starter

Zutaten für die Auffrischung

Comes out of refrigerator and warms to room temperature for about 3 hours. Each is fed % to keep respective hydration, all purpose flour and bottled water. Kept at room temperature (80 F/26C) for approximately. 5 hours, then starter is used to mix dough. Feeding amounts vary in accordance with how much starter is needed to bake, leaving approximately 1/4 cup to feed.
Unused starter is fed, keeping hydration, and returned to refrigerator after about 3 hours.


Arizona Desert starter was started in the spring of 2016, by leaving 1 cup of all purpose flour and 1 cup of bottled water in an open bowl, with a whisk in it, on the kitchen countertop, with temperatures ranging from 79 to 83 degrees F. Location - South Central Arizona - low desert.
Air was whisked into the mixture approximately every 4 hours, for 4 days. It was never covered and started to dry around the edges. During the third day, it started showing some activity, and was quite active by the end of the fourth day.
At the end of the fourth day, it was fed, keeping hydration at 166%. it was fed twice a day, all purpose flour and bottled water, kept in a lightly covered glass jar at room temperature for the next week. It was not deemed active enough to use.
It was given a feeding of organic whole wheat flour, and showed great activity, buy slowed down again upon resuming feeding with all purpose flour. still at 166% hydration.
After about a week, it was given a feeding of organic rye flour, showed great activity, but again, slowed way down when fed all purpose flour. Still at 166% hydration.
Somewhere between 3 and 4 weeks, Arizona Desert was converted to 100% hydration, and has been very happy every since. Producing very nice bread and English muffins.
At around 6 months old, Arizona Desert was spllt, keeping half at 100% hydration and half at 166% hydration. The 166% continues to show less activity after being fed, but performs well when baking.

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This was fun. I hope others add their information.